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Harmony Trail is a Eco Tour company

with a focus on nature, landscape, local food and visiting destinations that are not always mentioned in guide books.

Harmony Trail is a eco tourism company in the Azores. We offer small group excursions. We provide the opportunity to customize your tour. We can accommodate hiking, biking, canoe, surfing, whale watching , fishing along with cultural tours, nature focused tours, historical sights. Feel free to ask us any questions!

Harmony Trail Azores is based on a sustainable nature tourism concept. Join us and enjoy what Azores has to offer. Its volcanic past has left a lush landscape ready to be explored. Let nature take you. Harmony Trail offers tailor made excursions, allowing you to decide where to go, as well as programed ones, allowing us to take you to the best spots on the island. We offer Jeep tours, trekking expeditions or biking expeditions.

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My name is Sarah Santos

I am Portuguese- Canadian, born and raised in Canada to Portuguese Immigrants. My fondest childhood memories are those made here in the Acores on summer vacation. After completing a Contemporary Studies B.A with a minor is Geography and Environmental Studies in Canada I worked as an English Teacher in various countries.

During my travels I discovered that there is no other place like the Azores. In 2008 I decided to make one last stop in the Acores before heading back to Canada. That last stop turned into settling and becoming “Açoreana“.

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