It is a very popular parish in the summer, either by island residents or by national and foreign tourists, being easy to find accommodation in country houses or local accommodation, with a website. Ideal place for those who like the coast and the sea, whether for bathing or fishing.

You can also walk uphill, along the pedestrian paths that lead to the parish of Sete Cidades, using Rua da Pedra Queimada or Pico de Mafra, taking the opportunity to climb the street at an altitude of 358 meters. There is also the Old Way that links Mosteiros (Lombas) to the Escalvado Viewpoint or the other that links Mosteiros to the place of João Bom do Pilar in Brittany.

There are also several snack bars, such as Barracas, on Caminho Velho, and the most recent one, on Ramal. Bring your ready-to-eat lunch or to grill and enjoy these spaces much sought after by the population of São Miguel, throughout the summer. you can also enjoy the coast, the sea and the local ex-libris – the four islets. It has two old windmills, which stopped working in the 1950s. Another, in the Castle, was demolished.

It was still fully operational in 1935. There are four fountains dating from the 19th century. Two down in the parish, one in Lombas and the other in Pico. Other more recent ones can still be seen, such as those on Rua da Areia and Rua do Castelo. More recently, it has been possible to take boat trips from the port and see dolphins and whales or simply visit the islanders or Ferraria by sea. It is possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island. Local restaurants are in great demand for fish and seafood dishes. As they are limited in their capacity, it is best to book.